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PVC Gates & Railings

The reason PVC Gates & Railings are so popular, is that they require very little maintenance and will not rust or corrode like wood. No more sanding, staining or painting, a simple wash down will have them like new again. When people think of pvc gates & railings, they often think of simple white products. Our range comes in a variety of colours and styles, so you can always find something that will tie in with your garden or business.

The new vinyl fence you install today will still look as good as new, years from now without an expensive upkeep required by other conventional fence materials. There is also no risk of injury to children or pets from slivers or splinters, and no concern about rust, corrosion or termite infestation.


PVC does not require sanding / painting / varnishing during its life.
It is easily cleaned – a simple wash with water and detergent can have it like new.
Lasts for years.
PVC is very strong and durable.
Will not warp like wood.

Types of PVC Fencing & Gates

PVC Golden Oak Driveway Gates

 Our PVC Oak gates look like wood, whilst offering all the advantages of PVC. Opt for a more natural look with an oak finish. Gates can be ordered in a vast array of sizes and styles. Have a look at some of our gates below for inspiration!

PVC gates & railings provide robust protection without the need for regular maintenance and repair works. If you’re interested in having PVC gates and/or railings created call Ardtech Industries Ltd.

PVC White Driveway Gates

White pvc gates can really brighten up a garden and add a more modern feel. Again, we can supply & fit a range of sizes and styles, varying handles, locks etc.

PVC Golden Oak Side Gates

For those who need something small and simple for a more compact space, we can provide pvc side gates. Choose something plain and simple, or you can go for a more decorative piece. Depending on the purpose, keeping pets out, closing off private property etc. our team can help you choose the right one.

PVC White Side Gates

Just like our oak finish pvc side gates, we also offer these in white. Often this can fit in better with the surroundings.

PVC Black Gates

PVC Grey Gates


Whether it is for a garden or balcony, we can supply the very best pvc fencing. Choose from white / wooden finishes.

Wall Top Fencing

Some people opt for wall top fencing to improve the aesthetics of their property – others choose to add it for more height. Whatever the reason, we can design pvc wall top fencing to your exact specification.

Ranch Style Fencing

For those who don’t want a solid fence – the ranch style is perfect. This more traditional look is great for establishing boundaries and sectioning off areas.

PVC Boards to clad existing frames

Available in Black, Anthracite Grey, White, Golden Oak Woodgrain, suitable for replacing wood on existing galvanised frames or for new frames as maintenance free alternative to wood.
Available in lengths up to 6 metres.
Sizes Available:
100mm X 20mm
120mm X 28mm
300mm X 24mm Tongue & Groove
Also Available:
PVC Box Section/Post in sizes:
80mm X 80 mm, 100mm X 100mm, 120mm X 120mm and 200mm X 200mm.
For posts or for cladding steel used in conservatories.
A range of caps and trim pieces are available to suit the above profiles.
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