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Plastic Injection Moulding

Plastic Injection Moulding is literally where plastic is injected into a mould. Once the melted plastic has been injected, it is allowed to cool and then solidify. This makes it extremely versatile and usable across a huge range of applications. It can produce anything from the simplest shape, right up to designs with hinges, springs and holes. We work with all types of clients, and can work on any design.

Plastic Injection Moulding

Ardtech Industries Ltd specialises in moulding high-quality plastics at affordable prices. Call for a free quote.

Plastic Injection Moulding Facilities

Our moulding centre consists of 12 machines, ranging from 15T to 320T locking force, and shot capacity from a few grams to 900 grams.

Insert moulding and after moulding insertion
We can handle a wide range of insert moulding and as required we can place inserts into plastic components after they are moulded. This can be done by u/s pressing or by heat pressing. Several Machines are available for this work.
Certain moulded materials, such as Nylons, benefit from an after moulding treatment called conditioning. We have the necessary equipment to carry out this treatment.
Some special mouldings need machining, such as drilling or milling. We are equipped to carry out this work.

Mould Maintenance

Our tool room can handle normal, simple mould repairs. 

Jigs and Fixtures
We can also handle a wide range of machined and cast polyurethane assembly jigs and fixtures. We also make cast fixtures for customer use i.e. for computer keyboard assembly, ultrasonic welding, printing etc.

Assembly Work

We have a long experience of carrying out extensive assembly work using any or all the facilities within our plant. Assembly work consists of bringing together a number of components or sub-assemblies to form a complete entity. These complete assemblies can be separately packaged in a variety of ways.


Plastic injection moulding is useful for a variety of applications. For a professional, affordable moulding service contact Ardtech Industries Ltd.

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